Talaera Teacher Expectations

Performance and behaviors that we expect from Talaera teachers.

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The Basics:

  • Fast and reliable internet connection is a prerequisite to teach on the Talaera platform.

  • Maintain a professional teaching environment free from interruption. We ask teacher not to conduct sessions in open, noisy, public spaces such a coffee shops. This is to maintain professionalism and ensure the student's privacy.

  • Conduct sessions in a professional and friendly manner. If you feel uncomfortable with a student, please contact scheduling@talaera.com immediately to request a switch to a different teacher.

  • Take responsibility for your student's learning journey. They trust you to help them improve and make a positive difference in their lives.

  • Always focus on learning outcomes and impact. Talaera training is about targeted goal achievement with demonstrated impact.

1st Session:

  • Before the session: Make sure to review the email titled "We matched you with a new student." It is common for companies to provide detailed instructions on lesson plans and request specific session amounts. If the email lists a specific amount, it is important to recommend the specified number in your student's learning plan.

  • First Session Roadmap. Please Read

  • Student Learning Plans should be professionally written, with focus is on clear and attainable OUTCOMES. Please Read.

  • Encourage students to complete the prompted feedback on the platform and end-of-lesson feedback.

  • Pro Tip: Sharing your email with students during the first session is recommended for improving student engagement, but not mandatory.

Learning Journey:

  • Submit clear and actionable feedback within 24 hours after your session. This keeps the student engaged with the learning journey.

  • Continual check-ins work! Effective learning involves taking time to reflect. It is critical that you continuously check in with your student throughout their sessions.

    • We recommend spending 5-10 minutes every 2-3 sessions discussing the learning strategy with your student. This is a great opportunity to ask how your student feels about the progress they've made so far, the material you have worked on together, and the overall teaching style and strategy. If necessary, make adjustments to ensure your student stays engaged and happy with their experience.

  • Keeping busy students engaged can be a challenge. Luckily some of our awesome teachers shared their tips on how to do so. Check out the slides from the roundtable meetings HERE to see them.

Last Session:

  • The final session with your student is your opportunity to wrap up all of the work you have done together so far. The main goal of this session should be to review the work done throughout your learning journey and demonstrate to the student how much they have improved.

  • Last Session Roadmap. Please Read

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