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What should we do in our last session?

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The last lesson you have with a student should be a wrap-up of the training as well as a review of all the great improvements they have made and of the areas that still need work on.

It is also a perfect self-marketing tool for yourself that helps to ensure your students want to come back and keep working with YOU!

Please check out our Last Lesson Roadmap document to get a full breakdown for how you might approach the last session (with examples of how to do so). Here is a brief overview of the 6 main things that you should cover in the last session:

#1 Recap Last Session / Homework / Regular Session (20-25 minutes)

  • Review your previous session and any homework given

  • Give corrections and suggestions for further improvement

  • Conduct regular session work as planned

#2 Self Study (5 minutes)

  • Give encouragement for continued improvement (whether they have a teacher or not)

  • Recommend self-study resources (something you used to accompany your session content or recommend a book, movie, TV show, etc.)

  • Share this article with your student and make them aware of what they will have access to after they graduation (including Talaera free resources)

#3 Review Learning Plan/ Goals (10 minutes)

  • Review Learning Plan and Learning Goals

  • Point out all the improvements

  • Let the student know which goals have been achieved

  • Mention the student’s initial English level and how it has changed

  • Explain why goals have not been achieved (not enough lessons, cancellations from the student’s side, etc.)

  • Congratulate student on any achievements and let them know they did a great job 🎉

  • Point out further areas that need to be worked on

🚩Important: The review is meant to make the student aware of all the great stuff that they have been working on and how far they have come. It should also bring both, you and the student, on the same page about the areas that need further improvement. Only if the student acknowledges the need for further sessions will they ask for it.

#4 Feedback (5-10 minutes)

  • Find out how the student felt about the sessions and you as a teacher

  • Discern if they feel improvement

💡TIP: It would be great if you could take notes, especially about any achievements the student made due to working with us. Anything positive we can pass on to the student’s HR will help us in negotiations about further sessions. You can share this feedback with us at

#5 Possible Next Steps (5 minutes)

  • Ask if the student would like to continue their training

  • Make a recommendation on how many more sessions you think would be needed and make sure the student feels the same way

#6 Requesting More Sessions (5 minutes)

  • Let the student know that they can request more sessions from their company's HR

  • Encourage them to be proactive in reaching out for an extension!

  • Let them know that if they are not approved for an extension they can always continue at their own expense. If they have any questions about pricing or need more guidance on how to request more lessons, please ask them to email us at or let us know and we will reach out to them.

💡TIP: If you have a good relationship with your student and think it is appropriate, ask them to like us a review on Google. You can also ask them to refer us to friends and family and have them pass on this link: Let them know that if their contact converts, we will add an additional session to their account. :)

Link Sharing Cheat Sheet

Here are a few links you might find useful to share with your student (as appropriate) in the last session:




Student Help- Finishing Your Course

Show them the resources they will have access to after they graduate.

Student Help- Extending Your Course

Let them know who they can reach out to to request more sessions.

Talaera Free Resources

Help them leverage their learning with free e-books, podcasts, and webinars.

Refer a Friend

They can get a free session if their friend converts

Leave a Google Review

Give Talaera a shoutout!

Talaera on LinkedIn

Keep up with us on LinkedIn

Talaera on Facebook

Keep up with us on Facebook

Student Feedback Form

Elicit feedback from the student on their experience with you

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