What is the Session Feedback?

In order to provide students with a superior experience, we recommend providing brief feedback at the end of each session. This Session Feedback should recap:

  • A brief summary of the session topic

  • Important concepts covered in the session (that could be grammar, vocabulary, or other points)

  • What will be addressed in the next session

  • Any practice work you would like your student to perform in between sessions

Where do I write the Session Feedback?

There are two ways to access the session feedback form:


The session card in the Completed Sessions section of My Dashboard. On the session card, click the Write Feedback link


Go to the Students page and click on the student's name in your student list. Next, scroll down and click the Needs Feedback tab. Click on the session you would like to write feedback for.

πŸ’‘TIP: Once you have filled out the applicable sections, don't forget to click the Save and Send to Student button. Your feedback will automatically be sent to your student.

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