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How do I create a learning plan?

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Students are told that they will receive a personalized learning plan from their teacher within 24 hours after the initial session with each new student. In this article we will outline where you can submit the learning plan. You can check out the guidelines for good learning plans here.

How do I submit the Learning Plan?

  1. Navigate to your Students page and find the student you would like to submit a Learning Plan for

  2. Click the blue "Create Learning Plan" button

  3. Input the relevant details into the text boxes

    💡NOTE: that the level specified in the Customized Goals section of this workflow might be different than the overall level assigned to the student. For example, an intermediate student might be more advanced when it comes to writing and less capable with conversation. As such, if they want to focus on written English, they plan might be geared towards an Advanced Intermediate level.

  4. Click NEXT to go to the Learning Outcomes section. These should very focused goals that the student can expect to make progress towards over the course of the Lesson Plan. You should try to provide between 3 and 5 Learning Outcomes.

    Finally, click Next to set the Level for the student.

  5. Click NEXT to evaluate the level of the student. To determine the overall level of a student, from Beginner to Expert, select the Performance statement that best describes your student for each of the Categories. Once all ten categories have been specified, the level of your student will be displayed.

  6. Finally, click FINISH to submit the learning plan. At this point your student will be notified that their Learning Plan has been created.

Can I edit the Learning Plan?

It may be the case that your student's goals shift slightly throughout the course. You can come back and edit the learning plan or the student's level at any point. To update a learning plan, click EDIT from their Learning Plan on your Students page.

If you have any questions about creating Learning Plans, please reach out to at

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