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Who should I reach out to?

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Wondering who to reach out to? Please see our primary points of contact below.


Technical Issues / Emergencies - Tech Support Team

Reach out to our Tech Support Team via live chat 24-7 in the case of:

  • Technical issues anytime

  • Emergencies within 24 hours of a session

💡TIP: You can open a live chat even if you are unable to log on to the platform on talaera.com

Scheduling / Students - Teacher Support Team

Contact the scheduling team for:

  • Non-urgent (over 24 hours away) scheduling questions

  • Student-related questions or issues

  • Vacation notice

  • Capacity/availability change (asking for more students)

  • Not sure who to contact? Email the Teacher Support Team

HR / Personal - Abbee

Reach out at: abigail@talaera.com

Contact Abbee for:

  • Compensation questions

  • Personal issues

  • Onboarding questions/feedback

  • Offboarding/switching students to new teachers

  • Non-urgent student-related questions

Groups / Workshops / Webinars - Logistics Team

Reach out at: logistics@talaera.com

Contact Logistics Team for:

  • Group course/workshop/webinar questions and updates

  • Expressing interest in teaching group courses, workshops, or webinars

Content- Alexandra

Reach out at: alexandra@talaera.com

Contact Alexandra for:

  • Content typos

  • Finding content

  • Ideas for content creation

Invoicing- Billing Team

Reach out at billing@talaera.com

Contact the billing team for:

  • Submitting invoices for non 1:1 session services

  • Billing questions/issue

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