Holidays are awesome, and you deserve time off, but please follow the next steps to make sure everyone has the best experience possible:

📧Let us know the dates ahead of time (inform us at least 2 weeks ahead).

✈️If you are traveling to a different time zone, or will be off for a longer period of time, please let us know. We will look for a substitute teacher so we don't leave your students hanging!

🗓️Set your calendar for post vacay so your students can book for when you're back.

✏️Schedule the next session with your learners:

  • Book the next session on your calendar

  • Notify of the dates you’ll be gone and that you have booked the lessons already during those dates

  • The admin team will switch the session to a substitute teacher.

  • It is CRITICAL that you notify scheduling of the dates you’ll be taking off after you have booked the session. Otherwise, admin will count these sessions as ‘missed’.

Enjoy your time off! 💙

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