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Can I reschedule a session with my student?

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At Talaera, we pride ourselves with providing a second-to-none learning experience. Teacher reliability is one important key to ensuring the best experience for students. Here are a few key points regarding our teacher cancellation policy.

Emergency Cancellations

As a teacher, we ask that you only cancel sessions in the case of absolute emergencies. We are a human, trust-based company. We understand that emergencies happen and do not penalize for this. Check out this article to find out who to contact in the case of emergencies.

Misses & Cancellations

  • 2 Missed or Cancelled sessions within in a 6 month period will automatically result in deprioritization of student matching in the automated teacher matching system for 60 days. You may still be matched with a student, but only if other teachers' capacities are full.

    • Continuous missed sessions may result in termination of the consulting agreement and removal from the Talaera platform.

  • If a teacher cancels, misses, or reschedules a ‘Meet your teacher’ session - the student will automatically be matched with a different teacher.

  • Medical emergencies (self or dependent) and natural disasters are not counted against teachers' priority status, however, it is your responsibility to contact the scheduling team and provide explanation if you miss a session due to an emergency.


  • Sessions canceled or rescheduled without the student requesting it will be counted as missed by the teacher.

If you have any questions about this policy, please reach out to abigail@talaera.com.

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