Emergencies and Cancellations

What should I do if I need to cancel a session?

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In this article, we will take a look at a few possible scenarios and what to do in each situation.


Student Cancellations

If the student reaches out to you via email about cancelling a session, you can do this anytime before the 24 hour mark by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the "Students" page and locate the student, then click "Upcoming Lessons". OR Navigate to "My Dashboard" and scroll down through "Upcoming Sessions".

  2. Once you've found the session, click on the blue "cancel session" button.

Teacher Cancellations

Please keep in mind that teachers are expected to teach all sessions booked within their provided availability. Please do not cancel a session you cannot teach. Instead, reach out to us at scheduling@talaera.com.


What is an emergency? Here are three common situations we would consider emergencies...

  • Situation 1 - Technical or connection issues during the session time that are preventing you and the student from conducting the session.

  • Situation 2 - A last-minute personal difficulty (WITHIN 24 HOURS) before the session that will prevent you from conducting the session with your student. This could include sickness or power outages.

  • Situation 3 - A personal emergency or technical issues 24 OR MORE hours before the session that you know will prevent you from conducting the session with your student.

Handling Emergencies

Please follow the following procedures for the above emergencies:

  • Situation 1 or 2: Please reach out to our tech support team via the live chat. If you are unable to log on to the platform, you can also open a chat on your mobile device from https://talaera.com/.

  • Situation 3: Reach out to us at scheduling@talaera.com so we can assist you and your student with rescheduling.

咚ote: Talaera operates as a trust-first company. This means that we hire teachers we feel are reliable and will contact us in case of an emergency. Please note that this applies to emergencies (e.g. sickness, outages due to weather) only and should not become a habit. Since you as a teacher and we as a company want our clients to be happy and keep working with us, reliability is essential to scheduling classes and growing as a company! Reschedules and cancellations are monitored and will affect potential for being assigned new students.

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