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What if my student hasn't booked for a long time?

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What should you do if your student hasn't booked in a long time? Here are some tips to help keep your students booking regularly.

#1 Get Something on the Calendar Each Time

Leave a few minutes at the end of each session to book the next session together with your student. See if it's possible to get something on the calendar- even if it's a couple weeks out. Teachers who book the next session with their students each time tend to keep the most consistent teaching calendars. That's good news for you and your students!

#2 Exchange Email Addresses in the First Session

Many teachers find it effective to exchange email addresses with their students in the first session. This creates a direct line of communication in regards to scheduling changes.

#3 Do an Occasional Check-In

Doing an occasional check-in with your student to make sure the content and methods used are relevant can help keep them excited about their course and booking more frequently. Don't be afraid to ask what's working and what's not. In addition, generate enthusiasm for extending their package and let them know how they can go about requesting more sessions.

#4 Be Patient

As we work with busy professionals, students may at time get busy. If your student hasn't booked for awhile, please know that they are receiving automated reminders to book their next session. If you would like to take on new students in the meantime, please don't be afraid to increase your "Max Number of Active Students" number in the Teaching Capacity section of your settings page.

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