Using Zoom as a Backup ⏩
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Working on the Talaera platform is great, but when the internet connection is not stable, you can always use our second-option platform –Zoom. Our team will make it all very easy for you. Here are three scenarios when you might need to switch and how you can do so:

You are Experiencing Connection Issues During Your Session

If your connection is a bit slow, you may experience a lag when speaking. The video may also cut off automatically. When this happens, just ask your teacher to move the session to Zoom for you. You will then receive a popup and an email with the Zoom link.

You are Having Issues Entering Your Session

If you are having problems entering your session, just click the blue button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and let our chat support know that you would like to move this session to Zoom. You will then receive a popup and an email with the Zoom link.

You Would Like to Move Permanently to Zoom

If you only have access to a slower internet connection and would like to request that your sessions are permanently moved to Zoom just reach out to us at Once you are set permanently to Zoom, you will automatically receive the meeting link by email five minutes before the start time of each session.

In any case, we will make sure that the switch is seamless and that you don't waste any learning time.

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