Technical Requirements 🖥️

What are the technical requirements for using the platform? Is my internet fast enough? What browser can I use?

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Talaera runs in a web browser, on a desktop or laptop system, running either Windows 7, 8 or 10 or Mac OS.

🌐Supported Browsers:

The best experience is on Google Chrome to use our platform. (You can download Chrome for free here.) 

👩‍💻Your Internet connection:

Please make sure that you have a strong network connection which allows for video calls and that your browser settings allow video and audio access. In order for a good experience, the following thresholds are recommended:

😀Excellent: Bitrate > 600kbs, Packet Loss < 0,5%

🙂Acceptable: Bitrate > 200kbs, Packet Loss < 3%

Once the network speed falls to below 200kbs or packet loss reaches above 3% packet loss, you will start to see undesired choppiness of your audio or video stream, or may lose the session completely.

💡TIP: If you want to test your connection before your next session, check out how to do so here.

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