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Learn how to set your availability on a weekly or recurring basis

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Talaera requires teachers to have their availability open at least two weeks in advance at all times. Please check out the below information to see where and how to open your teaching availability.

Where Can I Set My Availability?

You can set your availability using the Teaching Calendar, located on your My Dashboard page.

TIP 💡: If you're unable to see the Teaching Calendar, it might be because it's hidden, in which case you will need to show it, before you can edit it.

How Can I Set My Availability?

To set your availability, follow the below steps:

  • Click the blue "Set Availability" button on the top right of the page

  • This will open a pop-up window showing your calendar in your local time zone.

  • Click on any of the grey slots to mark them as Open (meaning they are now available for student bookings). Slots can be opened in 30 minute increments.

  • Click the white slots to mark them as Unavailable.

  • Use the Previous Week and Next Week links to navigate forward or backward in your calendar.

  • IMPORTANT 🚩: Be sure to click "Save" after setting each individual week of availability. You cannot edit multiple weeks at one time.

Setting Default Availability

If you know that you will generally be available at the same times every week, you can set a default availability. To do this:

  1. Click the Edit Default Availability link at the bottom left of the calendar.

  2. This will display a similar calendar, but now every slot you mark as Open or Unavailable will be marked that way in all of the subsequent weeks.

  3. Once you have set your Default Availability, click the Save Default Availability button.

If you choose to use the default availability setting, please be sure to update individual weeks of availability and click save should there any temporary schedule change.

Importance of Updating Availability

Keeping the availability calendar updated has a significant impact on student engagement. Unfortunately, there is a considerable negative impact on student engagement and strain on our admin team when teacher availability calendars aren’t updated. Therefore, going forward, new student matching for teachers who do not keep their availability updated at least 2 weeks in advance will be paused for 2 months.

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🚩Final Note:

It is expected that you will be available to teach any session scheduled on your calendar. If you there was a change and you will not be available during a certain time or plan to go on vacation, please be sure to close your availability (and save) as soon as possible.

For any questions regarding scheduling and your availability, please reach out to us at

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