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As you improve your business English skills on Talaera, you may find new words that you don't know. With Talaera's Language Tools, you can easily define, translate, save, and practice new vocabulary. You can also generate sentences tailored to your job.

How to use Language Tools


Highlight any word with your cursor and click "DEFINE" to see the English definition of the word.


Highlight any word with your cursor and click "TRANSLATE" to see the word in your native language.

Select your native language from the drop-down menu:

My Vocab

Highlight any word with your cursor and click "SAVE WORD" to add it to your personal dictionary.

Once the word is saved to your personal dictionary, you can find it anytime under LANGUAGE TOOLS - MY VOCAB.

Generate sentences

Click "Show me example sentences" to generate sentences relevant to your specific job.

For example, if you are a Software Engineer, the sentences you will see are related to your role. You can add your Job title from your Settings.

How will these tailored sentences help?

  • πŸ’‘ Understand the meaning new words and how to use them.

  • 🧠 Remember new words better by seeing them in a real context.

  • πŸ’¬ Use new words with confidence with examples you can say at work.


Add 5+ words to MY VOCAB and practice! Click "Practice" to get custom quizzes with real-time feedback.

See explanations when you submit your answers to understand why it was right or wrong.

Happy learning! πŸ’™

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