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Assigning / Finding Your Student's Homework
Assigning / Finding Your Student's Homework

Find out where you can see assigned and completed homework.

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Assigning Homework:

  1. You can assign lessons and exercises from the catalog. Just click on the Catalog page and pick a topic.

  2. Choose a relevant course. You can assign a lesson from here. Click on 'Assign' and choose the student's name. By clicking on 'More' you will get the full list of your students.

  3. You can also assign exercises from a lesson to your students. Pick a lesson and click on it. Pick the exercise and click 'Assign'. You can choose to assign more exercises from this lesson to the same student as well.

Helping Your Student Find Homework:

  1. Have your student navigate to their My Progress Page

  2. When they choose the last lesson that received feedback and scroll down, they will see all lessons and exercises assigned by you after submitting the last feedback.

FAQ: Why can't I find the last exercise I assigned my student?

Exercises you assign will automatically be attached to the last session taught with feedback submitted. If you assign an exercise before submitting feedback for the latest session, you may want to help your student check if the homework was attached to the previous session's feedback.

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