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Extending Your Learner's Journey

Every journey has to come to an end…or does it?

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Although companies may assign a specific number of sessions to a learner, in many cases there is not a definite limit to the number of sessions a learner can take with you on the Talaera platform.

Learners are able to extend their sessions with Talaera and their teacher by:

1 - Extending Talaera Sessions through their Company (HR Manager) 🏢

If a learner wants to take more sessions with their teacher, they can notify their HR manager (the person who invited them to learn with Talaera). The HR manager can then easily add additional sessions in our system. However, whether or not this is possible will depend on the company's learning budget.

If the learner discovers that the company is unwilling to sponsor additional sessions...

2 - Extend Talaera Sessions as an Individual Consumer 🏡

If the company is unwilling to sponsor additional sessions for the learner, they can switch from being a company-sponsored learner to an individual "consumer" learner. If the learner is willing to pay for sessions themselves, they can easily make the switch by emailing and ask to ‘switch to consumer’.

What does this mean for me as a teacher?

  • When you are 3/4 of the way through your allotted sessions, inform your student that if they are interested in continuing their Talaera sessions with you, they can contact their company for more sessions.

  • If additional sessions are not possible through the company, they can continue learning on the platform with you as a consumer. In your final lesson together, you can agree on the date/time for your next session and book the session once additional credits are available on the platform.

Some Talaera teachers have over 100 regularly-scheduled sessions with the same learner! Join the 100 club! 💯

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