Rules for Talaera Teachers

Find out the Talaera rules for engagement and what it means for you.

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Talaera prides itself on working with professional, high-quality English trainers. As a company, Talaera constantly strives to be the best because that is what our students deserve!

The following is a list of violations that will result in action up to and potentially including official warning, student matching deprioritization, or removal from the Talaera platform.

  1. Receiving payments from Talaera students outside the platform.

  2. Canceling and/or missing scheduled classes.

  3. Booking a session without the student’s consent

    • Teachers should only book sessions that the student has agreed to. Please do not proactively schedule a session if your student has not confirmed that the date/time works for them.

    • In the event of a teacher booking a lesson without the student’s consent, the student will automatically be offered to learn with a new teacher.

  4. Not updating teaching availability

    • There is a considerable negative impact on the Talaera admin team when teacher availability calendars aren’t updated. More importantly, this prevents students from staying engaged in the learning process.

    • Student matching for teachers who do not keep their availability updated at least 2 weeks in advance will be paused for 2 months.

  5. Continuous session interruptions due to teaching location, internet connection, etc.

    • It is a prerequisite for Talaera teachers to maintain a professional teaching environment without interruption and with adequate connection.

    • While we understand that emergencies happen, continuously interrupted sessions will result in a transfer of affected students to new teachers.

  6. Holding sessions outside of the platform (f.x. personal zoom account).

    • All teaching must be completed on the Talaera platform. If a student’s connection forces a switch to zoom, this can be done through the platform onto a zoom account.

    • Sessions not taught on the platform are not recorded as completed in our system and are therefore not able to be tracked for our billing team.

  7. Inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment, fraud

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