Talaera Self-Study - Getting Started πŸš€

Learn how to choose a new topic to study, save and find exercises and lessons, and more!

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In this article, you will find answers to FAQs related to your Talaera Self-Study portal.

  1. Decide what to learn next.

  2. Translate a word into your first language.

  3. Save something for later.

  4. Find something you saved.

  5. Find something you looked at before.

πŸ“š 1. I want to decide what to learn.

Not sure where to start in your Talaera Self-Study portal? Pick the statement below that describes you best:

a. "I’m new to English" β†’ Go to English for Beginners. Learn important words and phrases for work. Introduce yourself, tell people about your job, and discuss the past, present, and future.

b. "I’m good at English, but I have a lot to learn" β†’ Our Featured Topics are a great place to start. Choose from: Email Fundamentals, Presentations Fundamentals, or Confidence Speaking at Work. These are our most popular Topics!

c. "I feel very comfortable with English but want to perfect my skills" β†’ Many advanced English learners struggle with small words, like prepositions and articles - A, AN, and THE. This Articles page is a great place to start if improving grammar is your goal. Are you more concerned with tone - sounding assertive or softer, for example - or, do you want to add more variety to how you express yourself in English? If so, we recommend Business Emails - Advanced or Meetings C1 - Advanced.

πŸ“– 2. I want to translate a word into my first language.

Click here to see how to use Talaera’s language tools.

πŸ’Ύ 3. I want to save something for later.

If you find something you want to study later, you can save it! You can save Exercises and Lessons.

If you are looking at a Topic page, click the star ⭐ to save a lesson.

If you are in a Lesson, click Save for Later in the top right corner.

You can also access your exercises later. As soon as you click in any of the answer fields, the system will automatically mark it as In Progress. Once you click on Submit Answer, the system will mark it as Completed.

πŸ” I want to find something I saved.

Click on My Learning at the top of your dashboard to find them.

To find a Lesson, look at Reading List on the left side of your screen. Select Favorites.

You will see all of your saved Lessons here!

You can also access your Exercises from your My Learning section. Choose In Progress or Completed on the left side of your screen.

  • In Progress will show you Exercises you have not done yet.

  • Completed will show you Exercises you have finished.

πŸ‘€ I want to find something I looked at before.

Even if you didn’t save something, you can still find it in My Learning. Click My Learning at the top of your dashboard.

Then, click Recently Viewed under Reading List. You can choose to see Topics or Lessons on the right side of your screen.

Do you still have any questions? Email us at hello@talaera.com and we will make sure you have the best experience with your Talaera Self-Study portal.

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