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Talaera sessions are 60 minutes in length. How can you best manage that time?


The time spent on initial small talk might vary based on the student and cultural norms. It's always best to take your cue from your student on whether they prefer a bit of chit-chat or would rather get right to the session goals.

Session Goals

Be sure to align with your student on how the time is spent in each session to ensure it's being used in a way that's most valuable to them. The bulk of the time should be spent on their primary goals.

Wrapping Up

When teaching back-to-back sessions, it's important to keep an eye on the clock. Here are a few tips on managing those last few minutes:

  • Leave ample time to wind down the session. Although the sessions are 60 minutes in length, you will be notified at the 50-minute mark that your session will end soon. Winding down the session will help avoid leaving the student with the feeling of an abrupt ending.

  • Spend a few minutes booking the next session. The last few minutes are a great time to make sure the next session is on the books! This can also be done at the beginning of the session. If your student isn't quite sure of their schedule, please remind them that they can always log in to book additional sessions on their own.

  • Say your goodbyes with a couple of minutes to spare. It's okay to say goodbye at the 57-59 mark to ensure a smooth transition to the next session. However, please do not leave the session before the 55-minute mark as the session will be marked as incomplete.

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