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Learner Goals and Progress

Where can I view a learners learning goals and progress?

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If you would like to view a learners individual goals and progress, you can do so anytime from the Team Members tab under Active Learners. Once you find the learner you are looking for, here is some of the information you can view:

  • The bars show the student's progress through their course. 🟩Green bars show completed sessions, 🟨yellow bars show scheduled sessions, and🟥red bars show forfeited sessions (those that were missed or canceled/rescheduled within 24 hours).

  • The Recommended Lessons is the number of sessions the teacher recommends in order to achieve the student's learning goals.

  • The Learning Outcomes are the goals that the student outlined they would like to achieve in their initial assessment.

  • The Plan Overview is the learning plan written by the teacher outlining how they will work together to achieve the learning goals of the course.

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