Understanding the Student Info Email 📩

Who is my new student?

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You were just assigned a new student- congratulations! 🥳How can you decipher the information in the student info email? Let's break it down.

Student Info Email

  1. In their own words: This section is shows the information the student gave about their goals when they signed up. Reading this can help you to plan relevant activities for your first session.

  2. Number of hours assigned: This shows the number of hours that the student was allocated by their company. Keep in mind that if the student already has their first session booked, the number in the email will reflect one less session than they were initially assigned.

  3. Company info: This section will show you any important information that the company's HR department has specified. For example, if there is a cap on how many sessions you should recommend, it will be shown here.

The "Company" Section

The company section will specify one of three categories:

  • Name of the company: If the student is signing up for Talaera through their company, the company's name will be shown here.

  • This student is an individual consumer: This will be shown if a student is signing up for sessions on their own.

  • Pilot: This means that their company is testing our training.

If you have any questions about your new student or their sessions, please reach out to us at scheduling@talaera.com.

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