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Learn how to move a session to Zoom from the Talaera platfrom

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Working on the Talaera platform is great, but when the internet connection is not stable, you can always use Zoom as an easy backup. Great news! Teachers can now move a Talaera session to Zoom on their own (without needing to contact chat support).

How to Move a Session to Zoom

When you click on "Join Session" and are on the waiting screen waiting for your student to join the session, click on the Issues button in the top-right corner. Specify the reason you're moving to Zoom and click on "Move".

Please notify your student that they will be asked to restart their session.

Can I Move All My Sessions With a Student to Zoom?

This new feature works on a per-session basis. You will not be able to permanently switch the student to Zoom. If you would like to do that, please reach out to and let us know the reason for the change so that we can best assist.

How do Students Know That the Session Was Moved to Zoom?

Your student will see both a dialog box letting them know that the session has been moved to Zoom –they don't need to be within the session, they will see the popup regardless of where they are on the platform. They will also receive an email with the Zoom link, in case they are completely unable to access the platform.

Did your student miss the notification? No problem! If they click on the "Join Now" button, they will be taken to the Zoom session automatically.

Do you have any additional questions? Please email us at

Reminder 🚩: Keep in mind that Zoom is a backup and should only be used if needed, as in the case of connection issues. We still hope that as many students as possible can enjoy using the platform and its many amazing features!

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