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How can I define or translate a word? How can I save new words?

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Your language tools in the Talaera platform will help you learn new words.

Access your language tools

You have two ways to access your Personal Dictionary:

Option 1. Click on TOOLS in the top bar.

Option 2. Select any word or phrase on the platform.

Define and translate words

When you open your TOOLS, you can click "Define" to see the definition and pronunciation of a word. Click "Translate" to see the word in your own language.

Your Personal Dictionary

Save words and phrases

You can add words to "My Vocab" to make it easier to remember them. You can do that in different ways.

Option 1. Select a word and click "Save Word".

Option 2. Go to your TOOLS, select the "My Vocab" tab, and click "New Vocab." A dialog box will open. Type the word or phrase you want to save in the first box. You can also add notes to the second box.

Option 2. When you see the definition of a word, click the save icon to easily add the word to "My Vocab."

Generate sample sentences

Go to "My Vocab" and select a saved word. Then, click on "Show me example sentences" to generate sentences that contain that word tailored to your role and industry.

Practice new words

Go to "My Vocab" and click "Practice." The more words you have saved, the more effective this tool will become.

Keep learning!

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