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How can I share my screen? How can I stop sharing my screen? How can I see my teacher's screen?

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When you are in a session with your teacher, you can share your screen –perhaps to show them a document or a presentation you are working on. Here's how to do it.

How to Share Your Screen:

To enable screen sharing, click on the screen-sharing icon in the top right of your session window.

Note: When you share your screen during a session, you will not be able to see your teacher (unless you split your screen and see two windows side by side). We're working on adding this feature but it is not out yet!

Stopping Screen Sharing

When you no longer want to share your screen, you can stop sharing by clicking the same icon in the top right of the screen again.

** Technical details **

Newer versions of Google Chrome

If you are using a newer version of Google Chrome (80+) you don't need to do anything. The screen sharing function will work automatically.

Older versions of Google Chrome

If you are using an older version of the browser, you will need to install a Chrome plugin to enable sharing. In this case, Talaera will guide you through the process.

Click on Install Extension. Google Chrome will now ask you to confirm that you want to add the extension.

Once you click Add Extension, the extension will be installed and Talaera will prompt you to refresh your browser.

Clicking Refresh will temporarily exit and reenter the session. You will then be presented with a choice of what you would like to share. You can choose between sharing your entire screen or selecting a specific application.

If you encounter any issues sharing your screen, you can contact our chat support (bottom-right corner button) or email us at

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